Reading and Challenges 2013

A few years ago I discovered reading challenges.  A simple activity used to encourage reading, bond with fellow book lovers and find out about new titles from the reviews posted in the challenge.  I excitedly overcommitted myself to a bunch, read some books from a few of the challenges and didn't finish one!

So this year following the theme of "Better" I decided to give it another go.  I've joined only three this year (click on the challenge title to link to the actual challenge page), hoping the more reasonable goal will allow for success.  There is a fourth challenge that I've created just for myself which I'll detail at the end.

Nerdy Non-Fiction Challenge 2013

This challenge focuses on non-fiction in categories such as, biographies, music, science, sports, adventure, crime, animals and so on.  Particpants are encourgaged to pick books from the varying categories, not reading more than two in each.  For some reason I love non-fiction in audiobook form, in fact most of my audiobook listening has been in the non-fiction category. 

I'm aiming for the Geek level, 4-6 books in 2 -3 categories.  I already own enough to reach that level.

2013 Audio Book Challenge

Reading + knitting = awesomeness!  I'm an audiobook convert! Not that I've given up on the printed (or electronic) format, but when working out, knitting, doing housework and driving I've found absolute enjoyment in listening to a book. 

I plan on at least making the Flirting level of 6 audio books.  There should be no reason not to reach this level as you can cross challenges.  Any book I listen to can apply to another challenge and with the number of non-fiction books I have in my Audible library I should be good to go.

Dystopia Reading Challenge 2013

Dystopia: A dystopia is a community or society, usually fictional, that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. It is the opposite of a utopiaSounds like a bummer of a genre, huh?  But for some reason I really enjoy dystopian fiction.  These books usually feature some really interesting hypothetical situations, those "what if" kinds of themes involving govermental rule, society, often with some good sci-fi or tech thrown in.  I wholeheartedly recommend books such as Ready Player One, The Hunger Games, 1984 (that book will never, ever leave you).  So this challenge is particularly interesting to me since there seems to be a boom in this kind of fiction especially seen in the YA category, which I have quite a few titles having a teenager in the house.

Level 1: Recruit (1 to 6 books) seems to be about my speed. 

With the Audiobook Challenge allowing me to listen to titles that I can use for the first and last challenge I'm looking at reading at least 12 new titles this year.  I'd go for more if it weren't for this fourth challenge.

Are You Serious?  Finish the Blasted Book Challenge 2013

I was actually hoping to find a challenge focusing on half-read books, but I guess for a real book lover that's kind of lame.  I never used to have unfinished reading, as a personal point of pride if I started a book, I finished it.  There's a saying, "life's too short to read a bad book", but I've watched enough horrible reality television  that I can't in good conscienc use the "life's too short" adage.  Plus, my unfinished book stack contains perfectly good reading it's just somehow along the way I've developed a bad case of start-itis  A new book looks interesting and off I go.  Well, I'm finishing those books this year and posting my triumph of tackling this pile.

Ok, lastly...I have a Kindle Fire HD!  I love it to pieces.  I got it basically for free as I had a horrible experience at Best Buy where they had to give me lots of gift card money.  I originally bought it for the Amazon Prime Instant Video content.  I thought I'd catch up on some shows like Firefly and Fringe, then use the device for apps and magazines.  Well, I like reading on it too as I can adjust my settings to my liking.  It's really nice to read while laying in bed while the lights are out too.

2013 the year for reading in all formats!


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