2010 is the year of knitting dangerously!

In a previous entry I mentioned how my knitting projects revealed that I am, in fact, scared of two sticks and some yarn. I've come to the realization that fiber plus needles does not equal vaporization and the most that will happen is I'll have to, gasp, frog a project. In my determination to accomplish much more in 2010 I joined I joined a wonderful group on Ravelry for support.

There are lots of wonderful knitters, who like me, want to tackle an unfamiliar technique/project and just need encouragement. There will be "resident experts" to offer advice and challenges throughout the year to keep everyone on track.

I've already chosen some projects for the challenges. Mind you, none of these patterns are earth shattering, but considering I've been sticking to projects the equivalent of plain hats in the round, I think they're pretty good.

Sweater Challenge

"Wicked"- a top down sweater with a cabled pocket

Sock Challenge

"Monkey" - the popular pattern by Cookie A.

Chart Challenge

"Springtime Bandit" - a very pretty, worsted weight "lace" scarf. (I've already tried to figure out the chart...I'm sure it will be Spring before I understand it.)

That's it for now. Like I said, these aren't the most advanced patterns but I want to pace myself. Right now I've got some super easy projects to finish. Plain gloves, a garter triangle shawl...oh, I'm casting on my first beaded project soon. I'll post pics of the progress.