Ridiculous Amount of Unfinished Books!

Unfinished Book List
Restaurant at the End of the Universe – Doug Adams
True Blue – David Baldacci
Nerd Do Well – Simon Pegg
The Passage – Justin Cronin
Patternmaster – Octavia Butler
Gulp – Mary Roach
Yes, Chef – Marcus Samuelsson

Technology has caused an entire generation to develop some for reals ADHD. Everything consists of quick cuts, bits of information, faster, quicker, shorter, Facebook blurbs, Twitter tweets, instant information with just a picture and a sentence via Instagram. So as proved by the above list of unfinished books, I realize I’ve fallen victim to the condition myself. Seven unfinished books, for shame! None of these were deserted because “life is too short to read a bad book”; these are all good stories, fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies where my attention just went…elsewhere. When I was younger I spent entire summers with my nose in a book, rarely leaving the house because outside could not compete with living in a Little House on the Prairie, thank you very much. Even as an avid television watcher, that didn’t stop me because I would use the boob tube as mere background noise. So to have this number of books that I've picked up and put down for no real reason other than I can't sit for an hour and delight in reading is outside my norm.

Now I sit with a stack, well not a literal stack because some of these books are on audio format, which is even worse that these aren’t finished as I can very well plug in my headphones and knit, killing two hobbies with one stone and since I have quite a few unfinished knitting projects it would be awesome if I like, did that. Oh by the way, multiple knitting projects, i.e. ADHD because I can’t keep my attention on finishing even a preemie hat which takes only about two hours to complete…lame. Ok, so my audiobooks, the books on my Kindle/iPad mini (yes, both). Oh and I have actual physical books too for that old school feel.

And it’s not about not having enough time because I spend enough of it in the aforementioned activities. I’ve just gotten to the point when I see something over a paragraph or two I’m impatient, “When will all of these words end already?” or “Why does this person have to be so long winded with their half page of thoughts?!” or “Can’t they self-edit this down to the standard 140 Twitter characters?!” Then I proceed to spend hours on forums or looking at posts about what people ate for lunch, instagram shots of new shoes, hoarding knitting patterns, reading about knitting, but not knitting, or scouring forums about nail polish, the new ones, the ones are impossible to find and once I find them I'll share in my victory and store said polish amongst the 300+ untried polishes because I'm a horde..no a collector of things, when I should be immersing myself in a good story and finish…these…books. I have the time!

I’ll be focusing on completing these seven books by the end of the year. It’s a doable goal and then I can start fresh for 2014. Not that I’ll be trying to really increase the number of books I finish in the coming year, but I must train myself to keep my focus and finish what I start!

I need to do this....

Not this...(I promise I probably won't care about such a picture .02 seconds after I take it and neither will the rest of the world.  I know you guys "like" some of my stuff just to be polite, LOL!)

Or this..(Douglas Adams is awesome!)

While doing this...because the fifteen unfinished projects I've accumulated are sad and yearning for attention. (Hmmm, I'm quite sure these needles are being held very, very incorrectly, btw.