Manicures for the new year!

Here are two of my first manicures for 2013!

Club Color: Port-folio

This is a duochrome that flashes between purple and green.  I love duochrome finishes, it's like a two-for-one special of nail polish awesomeness.  I have plenty more in my collection of (won't say the number because it's ridiculous) polishes.

Pure Ice: Touch Me Softly

One cannot go wrong with the Pure Ice brand.  So many colors and finishes at only $1.99 per bottle.  This one was pretty hard to find as part of a collection of velvet finishes.  Normally I love my polishes super-shiny, but this velvet (a.k.a. matte) finish is a nice change of pace.

That's all for now.  More (many, many more) manicures to come this year.