2013 - Better....

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've posted. I'm not going to harp on it but to say sometimes posting is a daunting task for me. I want each one to be perfect and witty, then I start thinking about the photos, the layout and the energy I'll need to remember how to work all the that here on Blogger...last year all of the details tired me out then I just didn't post.

But it's 2013 and with a new year comes the feeling of a fresh start, new goals to attain, new challenges to meet. I recently checked out the post with my 2012 plans. I think I was able to improve in some ways. I certainly knit more consistently, I read quite a bit. I did nothing by way of health and exercise, but that's all in the past now. My theme for 2013 can be described with one word: Better. That's all. I'm not going to try to set the world on fire or overachieve, I just want to improve on my goals for last year. Overcommitting does me no good. In the rush and excitement of shiny new possibilities I want to do ALL the things, all the knitting projects, fifteen book challenges, two half-marathons and then that feeling of being smothered by my own goals creeps in, I throw the baby out with the bath water and get very little accomplished.

So I want to do...better, slowly making changes that will last so they become a part of me and my lifestyle. This year I want to do more crafting, including cross stitching, crochet and possibly sewing. I'm going to try to actually finish a few reading challenges, including one for audiobooks which is awesome to do while knitting. I've already begun new healthy changes, eating better, cutting out pop, exercising. I also want to pay better attention to my appearance and since I've amassed enough nail polish to open my very own nail shop, going through my collection and using my growing stash of untrieds is a priority.

Oh, and blogging at least twice a month would be nice too. I'll do better this year, promise.