Enough polish to open a salon! Literally....

I'll admit to being a bit overzealous when I start to enjoy a hobby.  As with my yarn stash, my nail polish stash has grown to epic proportions.  I love finding new polishes colors, colors that are unique and hard-to-find, it's like a little treasure hunt with the spoils ending up on my nails.

I need to try and wear as many polishes as I can this year with a concrete goal of  using 100 - 150 untried colors!  Crazy, right?  (The goal and the amount of polish I now own, lol.) Well, by doing a polish change on my hands twice a week and one on my toes once a week, not to mention by doing accent nails, funky frenches or glitter bombs over another color, I should be able to reach that goal.  Also, it only takes me fifteen minutes max. to change my polish and thirty for a full-on shaping with cuticle care so success is totally possible. Look out for lots and lots of manicure posts!

Two from this week:

Do you see the glitter in this manicure?  Neither do I which is why I hate polishes that tease me with glitter and then once I put the polish on my nails I can only see it if I'm shining a direct light on my tips.  This is a pretty milk chocolate, OPI's Wooden Shoe Like to Know, but the shimmer is barely apparent and that literally makes me angry.  If I want to buy a creme I'll buy one!  Stupid downlow shimmer!  (ROTFL, no it isn't that serious.)

See, now this is better.  Glass flecked polishes never fail to deliver, although the picture isn't the best.  This is China Glaze Grape Juice and even with poor lighting you can see its sparkle.  I liked this color so much I immediately purchased two more from it's collection.  I have to stop that because purchasing polish is counterproductive in keeping my untried percentage in check.