Manicure of the Week & Stuff


So far I'm keeping up with my reinvigorated love of keeping my nails cute. Here's this week's manicure:

(I know this pic it crazy small. I did something funky with the editing and will fix it later.)

There, that's better.

I love this look! It's two coats of China Glaze Icicle topped off with the excellent China Glaze Crackle color Black Mesh. I remember first seeing crackle polish over a decade ago and I guess it didn't quite catch on then. It's in full swing now, or it might be getting played out. I'm old enough to only care if I like something, not if the masses think that something is still cool.

Being busy and all (have to still do housework even with pretty nails), in order to maintain my manicure I put a clear coat every other night and touch up the color as needed. I do a cuticle oil massage every day and the entire process only takes minutes.

On the reading front, I'm currently listening to Rob Lowe's autobiography.


I only selected this book because of the great reviews and several recommendations. Rob does the reading and so far it's a very cool "read". Rob has never really been a blip on my radar because he's impossibly handsome and I like my guys to be less traditionally gorgeous (y'all know how I feel about a slight overbite, or long nose). In fact, I think I preferred his brother, Chad because he had a little goofiness mixed into his looks. So other than starring in some great "Brat Pack" fare, I wouldn't have gravitated to his biography.

But again, I'm finding it interesting to learn how he got into the business. I'll post a proper review later.


My mojo is a bit off right now but the wax and wane of feeling like crafting is normal. I'm still trying to finish the gift for my latest yarn swap which was supposed to be mailed by Saturday. I'll throw in some extra goodies to make up for my tardiness. I also committed myself to knitting some chemo caps in colors for men, because they often get forgotten about when the call for caps is made. Men undergoing chemo lose their hair too, so a nice, soft cap should be a nice charity knit.

That's all for now!