Taking a Break

I'm completely putting down the needles for a few days to see if my aching wrist gets better with some icing and stretching. I'm seriously ill about this too, but last night my poor hand felt very stiff, like a set of guitar strings pulled too tightly. It was even difficult for me to make dinner. I need to listen to my body and let it mend itself. I'll be making a doctor's appointment if these home remedies don't help.

The vacation projects are officially on hold right now. I'm hoping that I'll be OK to do the Ravelympic projects, even if I have to change them to some even more simple patterns.

Oh well, it's less than two weeks before I hit the beaches in Cancun where I'll have complete rest from typing. But right now, I'm totally disappointed.


Cristina said...

Do you crochet? I have often heard that the set of movements from knitting and crochet are different enough that you can rest from one by doing the other. However, listening to your body is good, so this may be something to try if it happens again.

Also, mmmm, Cancun beaches. That will be a nice break!

iggystar said...

I have very limited set of crocheting skills, but I was planning on getting more into it this year so that's a great suggestion.

I'm hoping that the week off from work will help as well. I know sunning in Mexico will do me good on many levels.

Thanks for the comment and suggestion. :)