Only 10 Days Left!

....before I am sunning on a tropical beach.

Last night, here in Detroit, MI it is snowed a few inches, not nearly enough to close my job down (in the 20-years I've worked here I can only remember them closing maybe once due to the weather). This morning I took my time clearing off the car, the driveway, yuck! I've lived in Michigan my entire life so you'd think I'd be used to snow, which I am, but I still don't like it, not even a little bit. (Well, it's fine if I'm curled up in the house with a book and/or remote not having to venture out for the day.)

Actually, I should be grateful as it hasn't snowed here that much...yet. We still have the rest of February and March before we're out of the woods.

That's OK because in less than 2 weeks I'll be in Cancun, Mexico where it's currently 76-degrees (F) out!