Doing something different...

I'm starting to feel drained, the days are getting shorter, I'm taking more and longer naps on the weekend, plus this season is around the anniversary of my sister's passing. I can feel myself thinking, "I don't feel like *insert normal daily task like, throwing a load of clothes in the washing machine*." Thoughts easily lead to emotions, so to fend off a seriously blue period I've decided that I need to throw a monkey wrench in my routine. I don't want to be bawling because I have to brush my teeth.

Today I put in my contacts instead of wearing my glasses. I turned on the light at my desk. I've printed a new side dish recipe that I'm going to fix tomorrow. But more importantly, I'm switching my thinking from, "Don't feel like it." to "I want to." Easier said than done, but daily tasks need to be accomplished and "I want" to take care of these duties. Hobbies, such as knitting, are joys in my life, not drudgery. I have a low-key way of life and a routine and if I need a change of pace, it's up to me to take care of that.

Taking the bull by its horns and "being here now".