New Knitting Goals

Tonight I finally updated my projects on Ravelry...finally, and upon looking through my finished projects I feel a need to do more. My knitting is pretty neat, with even stitches, etc., but it's boring, safe. I've been knitting for about a year and a half now, trying my hand at cabling, a little bit of lace, knitting from a chart, a few pairs of socks with success. That's not bad at all, but I need to attempt more complex patterns. I'm so used to choosing based on whether I can watch television while knitting. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a quick and easy project, but I also need to challenge myself with more intricate knitting, advanced stitches, a full-on lace project and colorwork. I know how to read patterns, in fact, it's a hobby of mine, reading knitting patterns so I can see if I understand them. All well and good, but it's time to put into practice some of that "book learning".

I think subconsiously I've been holding back, afraid of having to frog, afraid of making mistakes. I convinced myself that I'd gotten past being a fearful knitter, but when I look at my projects it tells the true story, a story of perfectly nice and snooze-worthy finished items. That changes as of now. The knitting will not explode if I make an error or the item comes out bigger than planned, and I'll never get better if I don't put away the fear of messing up and ripping back. Mistakes, plan and simple, are a part of the knitting experience.

So short term I'd like to learn toe-up and two-at-a-time sock construction, focusing on detailed stitching when making socks and finish a larger lace project from a chart. In 2010 I want to knit more in general, for longer periods (concentrate, Vicky!) complete a sweater and do colorwork, which should seem simple, but for some reason is daunting to me.

Finally, I've hired my 11-year old daughter, Alexis as my permanent model and she's not going to charge the the going rate (isn't she sweet?). She's getting older, looking more mature and cute and the pictures are blurry enough without me trying to pose while taking a picture of myself. I also need to get a new camera because those existing pics are from a horrible 3.0 megapixel camera that's old as dust.

Check out my Rav project page from time to time for snazzy new finished projects. :)


Diela said...

I'd been meaning to do the "Winter Wonderland" coat from the Michele Rose Orne book I got as a gift ever since the book arrived. I finally got enough yarn to do it ($100 is a LOT of yarn) and started it two days ago.

I finally frogged it last night. I had to give up. I'd redone the first six inches five times, and it would never come out right (I suspect there's a flaw in the chart... two YOs right next to each other? How does that work if the next row has two knit stitches?)

So now I've switched to the "Blanket Coat" pattern I've had for a while from Interweave Knits magazine, and I'm a lot happier.

Don't be afraid to try something complex, but don't be afraid to throw in the towel and use the yarn for something else, either. Nothing worse than putting hours into something you'll hate because it just won't come out right.

gwynne10 said...

This is very wonderful! I always enjoy seeing someone become "a fearless knitter". Once you start you will not be intimidated to try anything fiber.

I definitely will keep watching and encouraging you in your quest!

Have at it!

iggystar said...

Thanks DielaTil :) and gwynne10! I'm looking forward to posting my progress.

A few months ago I tried a shawl with bamboo lace weight yarn. After about seven tries and not making it past the fourth row, I threw in the towel. Gotta know when to fold 'em too!

Two YO's next to each other, what?