Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches - 2KCBWDAY3

What is this “organization” that you speak of? Let me look it up in the dictionary. Ah, here it is:

1.) A group of persons organized for some end or work; association.

Yes, yes, like Greenpeace or Volunteers for America. Ok, there are other definitions listed.

2.) The state or manner of being organized.

Hmm, no. Cannot compute...

3.) The act or process of organizing.

Now I’m confused!

4.) Something that is organized. Don’t have a clue.

Today’s theme for Knitting and Crocheting Blog Week is: Tidy minds, tidy stitches.

Honestly, I don’t have the talent for organization, the mere concept almost evades me completely. I know there should be “a place for everything and everything has its” place, so I’ll go out and buy “places” only to end up with clear containers stacked up adding to the clutter. Aggravating the situation is a small house, with a full family….aargh!

However, I try to keep a few things tidy. Those areas are smaller therefore easier for me to figure out how to put in order. My purse and tote bags are neat and clutter free and my yarn and knitting supplies are also pretty together. Although it can get out of hand at times, my stash and accessories are at a manageable level so when things are a jumble, I can take a half-hour to straighten everything out. My stash organizational tools aren’t elaborate. I have my straight needles in an adorable tin jug I bought for cheap and a home ware store. My yarn is almost getting out of hand for the clear plastic used for storage, but everything is still neatly stacked in it. I love Ziploc bags, which I use to separate the stash into categories, sock, acrylic, etc. I also use Ziploc bags for projects as well. Although I own a few cute, sewn project bags, but it’s nice to be able to see the project and what I’ve stored inside with it. A wicker basket is used to house circular needles and DPNs and a plain old plastic pencil case is for my on-the-go accessories and a crafting tote for the miscellaneous. Knitting and crafting books/magazines are on a bookshelf (running out of room quickly!!!)

Now if someone could assist me in figuring out what to do with this mountain of clothes and everything else I’d be a happy camper.

Above, The tin jug with needles. Extreme close up so you don't see other items on the dresser (except the neatly stacked Nintendo DS games - mine and my daughter's combined).

Some other organized items. A plastic bin for most of the stash, wools, acrylics, sock yarn, lace weight all in the appropriate Ziploc bags with a few UFOs on top. Orderly box of cotton for dishcloths, etc. Wicker basket with circs and plastic crafting tote for the extras. See the bit of total mess in the upper right corner...that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Pirate said...

Like you, my yarn is organized.. my laundry less so. Maybe I'll get inspired^W motivated^W sick and tired of the pile of clean clothing, and put it all away tonight! :)

Ginny said...

Loved reading through your blog.

And checking out your knitting and crochet.