Where are they now? - 2KCBWDAY4

Today's blog theme focuses on the fate of past knitting projects.


These are my very first socks! My LYS has wonderful instructors, so upon undertaking the much feared heel turn, I thought I’d take a class to get some supervision. (The heel turn would be the least of my sock knitting problems!) My daughter loved those things. Being knit out of a worsted weight yarn she really couldn’t wear them with her fashionable shoes but you wouldn’t find them off her feet while in the house. The yarn was an wool/acrylic blend not best yarn for socks and she wore unfixable holes in both heels and the toe. I think we might have tossed them. There are ladders and a messy gusset but I think I did OK.


Lol, Alexis is trying to work her best serious, America’s Next Top Model pose, but you can see that grin is curling up on her lips. Tyra would have something to say about that! She’s wearing my first ever knitted project, a sampler scarf designed by the owner of my LYS. A great pattern which had all the basic stitches to get me accustomed to my needles, garter, stockinette, reverse stockinette and ribbed. It’s the project that let me know that knitting would be a perfect fit for me and as I worked those last stitches, I could foresee a love affair for the craft that lasts until this day and thanks to Ravelry it’s been fueled into a full blown obsession. Alexis still wears this scarf; it is well loved.

The second item is first pair of non-class socks in Plymouth Happy Feet. What’s wrong with this picture? For one, it’s missing its mate..tear. Also, it’s huge! If someone can explain to me how to make a sock that fits I’d love them for life. I’m still working on really learning guage. But anyway, the sock hates the single life and is pilling but overall it’s not too shabby.

That’s it for today’s blog. If I think overall about my past knitted items, I find that I rarely knit for myself. I’m very much a process knitter and I like gifting handmades to those who appreciate my efforts.


Ginny said...

Your first socks are great.
I never did do the second sock to go with my first sock, ever knitted!
Though I have since done lots of pairs!

tishka said...

I think your socks look great! Ladders disapear in time. I use dpns all the time for hand warmers and tube scarfs. Just remember to tug on the first two stitches of each needle and those ladders will disappear.
Pssst! (theres no cure for the sock bug!) -smiles-