POC Reading Challenge 2011

This is the second challenge I'm signing up for 2011.

"The persons of color reading challenge has been put in place to highlight and celebrate authors and characters of color."

It never hurts to diversify ones reading, since the written word can open a window to a completely different view of the world. For me, since I'm African-American I will be choosing books by persons outside of my particular race to make the most out of this challenge. I'll come back and edit my post with my choices, but due to the number of challenges that I'd already planned on participating in for 2011 I'll shoot for a Level 1 which is 1 to 3 books.

Click on the above link if you'd like to expand your horizons and join the challenge.

(Edited to add my selections.)

I've chosen books by authors of two races that I've never read about before:

Swimming Lessons: and Other Stories from Firozsha Baag by Rohinton Mistry (Indian)

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (Native American)

I'm looking forward to it. :)