Book Review - Neuromancer

I couldn't spoil this book if I wanted to.

Let me say right off, I loved this book. This is a story: "Case was the sharpest data-thief in the Matrix, until an ex-employer crippled his nervous system. Now a new employer has recruited him for a last-chance run against an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence" Quoted from the book, my mind is too numb-happy to come up with something on my own. I can say that I loved the atmosphere, the world, fully realized. It is a dark and grimy future, but not depressing, just real.

This book is so much more than the story, and trust me, while I understood the overall concepts, there were times I was lost in the details. The details of the deals, the arrangements made, the futuristic landscapes, heck, even the nature of the characters, at times eluded me. And while usually, that would drive me insane..the need to understand each word, each plot direction, the ride was so incredible, that I did not care.

Gibson wrote this book in 1984, pretty much before "cyber" anything, he coined the phrase "cyberspace", but there is nothing prophetic about the writing, no, you knew while reading this piece was not only the inspiration for Blade Runner, The Matrix and so much about science-fiction in all avenues, but that in his writing, he brought about the technologies described. How? Because you know people read Neuromancer and set out to create the imaginations on the page, in atmosphere, clothing and technology. Now, that is awesome.

Gibson has found another fan, late in the game, but better late than never. I can't wait to read his other books.

5 out of 5 Iggystars


Corinne said...

That is a fantastic review. Wow. Thanks. It's on my TBR list now :)

kookiejar said...

Whoooo, Gibson goes WAY, WAY over my head. He makes me feel like a retardasaurus. I'm glad you enjoy him though. Good review.