A Year In....Knitting

Since it's been well over a year since I've blogged I thought I'd give an update on what I've been doing since my last post.

I'm still knitting, yay! I find it an extremely enjoyable and highly entertaining hobby. It's great because you can get into a relaxing knitting rhythm while watching television or listening to music. Or with a more difficult project, you can challenge your mind while executing an intricate pattern. Join a knit group and chit-chat and get tips on a project. Go to the local yarn store to feel the different fibers, with a feast of colors. Don't even get me started on the online community that is Ravelry! Knitting is not just the "neighborhood cat lady's" hobby, it's hip, it's chic and it's totally addictive.

One thing though, I was not warned that knitting wouldn't necessarily be cheap. I should have known that any hobby that included a variety of fun accessories, sale items, hoarding said sale items, yummy and very expensive yarn, would put a big dent in my pocket book. However, any damage to my funds is due to my own lack of self-control. Knitting can be as inexpensive or expensive as one likes, really. You'd never have to pay for a pattern there are so many free ones available on the internet and inexpensive yarn can be found at yarn store sales, or at chains like Joann Fabrics and Michael's (if you're not a yarn snob, that is), even online.

So I love knitting and I've included a few of pictures of some of my projects. I started with a very easy class scarf and have since moved on to knitting other scarves, hats and even socks! I know how to knit on straight needles, circulars and DPN's and have even added cables and lace into my reprotoire. Eventually I'll be brave enough to try a sweater..

Some adorable little baby booties.

A cool, rasta hat.

The current work in progress, a lace scarf worked in a pattern called "Liesel".

There are other pictures that I'll post once I get the gumption.