MP3 Top 25

I absolutely love music with a passion. This is something very important to know about me and since you’re here reading my blog I assume you want this information. You know that person who says, “I love all kinds of music.”, then goes on to list thirty-five R&B artists and that one Bangles song for 1989 to prove their diversity? That’s not me. I literally listen to every genre, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, Easy Listening, Country, Metal, Ska, Rap, World, R&B, New Age, Neo Soul, 80’s, 90’s, you name it, I probably listen to it. Admittedly, within those categories I still skew towards the more mainstream and there are certain genres I’m fonder of, but I’m rather proud of my ability to be very open-minded about music.

Usually, I attend about seven to ten concerts a year (more if my money is right) and thankfully my brother has inherited his musical sense from his big sister, so I now have a partner to hit the shows with.

Ok, now I’m at work and decided to pick up my iPod, list the top 25 songs played. No editing. It is what it is and it doesn’t give the full range of my collection, but is merely a sampling. Please feel free comment with your own list.

Father Figure – George Michael
Heaven Knows – Robert Plant
Useless – Depeche Mode
Run Baby Run – Garbage
Why Do You Love Me – Garbage
One Last Cry – Brian McKnight
Let Me Fall – Josh Groban
U + Ur Hand – Pink
My Confession – Josh Groban
Shake the Disease – Depeche Mode
Hymne L’Amour – Josh Groban (he’s so romantic)
Can’t Change Me – Chris Cornell
Square One – Coldplay
Diamonds Are Forever – Kanye West
1,2 Step – Ciara
Thieves in the Temple – Prince
Stay the Night – Chicago
World in My Eyes – Depeche Mode
Til the Day I Die – Garbage
Jesus to a Child – George Michael
Un Amore Per Sempre – Josh Groban
When You Where Young - The Killers
Umbrella – Rihanna
Seal – Colour
4 Seasons of Lonliness – Boyz II Men


kookiejar said...

Aw, Iggy, your choices are so romantic. I wouldn't have pegged you for a Josh Groban girl. (I only listen to his Christmas music)

iggystar said...

Oh, I adore Josh Groban so much. Those dark eyes and curly hair. The first time I saw him in concert he was so cool and a real guy (he'd just come from a Tigers game), very funny and personable. I'm a semi-Grobanite and his voice does it for me. His concert was my most expensive ticket purchase ($190!).