Ok, why be fake? I'll admit, I've been blogging on My Space for awhile now, but I felt the need for an alternate, a more mature space to discuss interests where they will be better appreciated. Interests such as a more fervent appreciation for literature. I've discovered that great books can be bought for cheap at used book sales and now I've got a new little library going on.

Props to Kookiejar, her blog and list of a million read books was the spark that lit my fire. I actually had a paperback that had fallen apart, it split in two from the loooong time I spent picking it up and putting it back down.

That's it for now. You'll learn more about me later.



kookiejar said...

I'm really excited that you decided to do this, Iggy. You even have a headstart that I didn't when I started have at least one built in reader.

I spent the first four or five months of my blog talking to readers. Now, a little over a year later, I average 150 a day from all over the world, and that just blows my mind!

Make sure to upload a map or a counter, so you can see where your readership is coming from. I have both on my blog (Map on the bottom of the page, counter on the sidebar), you can follow the links there and get them.

violetlady said...

Welcome Iggy. I had my 100th post not too long ago and was surprised that I am still blogging and enjoying it more and more. Kookiejar has been very supportive. I may not always know what she is writing about, but I am always interested. I'll be checking back on you.

Lynne said...

Hi Iggy! Another visitor by way of Kookiejar. And I see my best friend Tina (Violetlady) has been here too. I love reading and review a lot of books on my blog. I'm into a gazillion reading challenges - so many I had to make up a spreadsheet to keep track of all the books. Yes, I know, a bit OCD!

Welcome to our blog world. I'll be back!

Kimmie said...

I've got a Myspace I never enter. Welcome to the grown-ups table.